Anxiety! Yes, we have all heard this term. Every person sometime in their lives suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It has become very common in the current times as a person has to be competitive to survive in this fast changing world. Then there is Social Anxiety. Many people suffer from social anxiety but … Continue reading HOW TO OVERCOME SOCIAL ANXIETY

Lord Budhha ~ Sketch!

She was attacked by Insomnia But Creativity came to her Rescue, Again! Lord Budhha This is how I spent my last night. A paper and a pencil can never disappoint anybody. And below is a picture of Lord Budhha I clicked in one cafe some time back. My click © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Journey (Unrequited Love) ~ A poem

Photo by Ott Maidre from Pexels She was looking for her seatIn the Volvo bus"There it is!",She told herself in rush Beside her seat, was sitting this nerdy guyWearing specs, he looked really shy But her belief was completely proven wrongAs he continued speaking to her for quite long There he was talking enthusiastically about "Weed"Which was, at … Continue reading Journey (Unrequited Love) ~ A poem