Top 10 self-help books

My list of Top 10 Self-Help Books ➡️ Who will cry when you die : Be the change you want to see most in your world. I love this book. The monk who sold his Ferrari : Would you sell your ferrari and go to Himalayas for seeking wisdom? Nooo, Right! But he did. Read … Continue reading Top 10 self-help books

Connection between Astrology & Numerology

What is Astrology?Astrology is the study of planets, movements of these planets and their placement and influence on individual's life. What is Numerology? Similar like Astrology, Numerology replaces signs with numbers. It is the study of numbers, their characteristics and their impact on individual's life. Connection between Astrology and Numerology Astrologers make the birth chart … Continue reading Connection between Astrology & Numerology