Hello people!

This is just a interactive post.

I might delete this blog . I am not sure yet. But I have this feeling that in order to start new beginnings I have to get rid of past memories specially the negative ones.

I may be wrong here. This is just a feeling. But yea, this is what has been coming to my mind lately.

So yea. Goodbye! Might delete it within a week or so.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. It was so good meeting someone as fabulous as you, Manisha 🤗

    You were one of the first people on WordPress who really really encouraged me. It does dishearten me a bit- the fact that you are deleting your blog. But you’re right- to start new beginnings, you have to get rid of past memories especially the negative ones.

    I was an absolute pleasure getting to know someone as great as you, Be Yourself Unapologetically will be missed terribly✨

    Just like @Sojourners Awake said, All the best to you! Enjoy your life outside the cocoon!

    Sending tons of love, power and positivity your way 💖

    Much Love

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  2. Do it! Years ago I ran a blog about my heart condition and it was successful. However, long after I was healed I found I was still a tad depressed about it. Then I realized because I was still writing about health issues to help other people and constantly reliving my story. I deleted the blog and years later have this new one. Start a new story for yourself. Youll love it!

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  3. I understand. Well, thanks for being one of the first people who read my posts and was interested in them. If you think it’s for the best, then it probably is, and props to you for realizing that — it takes courage.
    Well, if you decide to start a new blog then comment it on mine so that I can find it!! As you say…be yourself unapologetically! 🙂


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