Gratitude is a very strong positive feeling.

It’s a way to be thankful to God or the Universe for whatever you have attained in life.

When you are filled with gratitude towards life, you will attract more positive experiences.

Today’s Experience:

So the department where I work is related to pensioners. Today, One 80-year-old pensioner visited the section to enquire about his pension. His hands were shaking. He had a walking stick. He was unable to stand properly. And the first thing he told me was that he is 80 years old and he has nobody to take care of him.

This made me realise how easily we curse our lives. Inspite of having every comfort and needs met, we have this tendency of complaining about the things we do not possess yet.

His face is still very clear in my mind. The thought that he is alone is killing me. Where the hell are his kids! He must have done everything for them since childhood. Why did he come alone!

Relations hold a very important place in our lives yet we take them for granted. Everybody is looking for happiness outside when we already have enough to be happy about.

I just want to pray for that man that he may find the strength to survive in such hardships of life. Old age is not easy. Loneliness is not easy.

This has made me realise the importance of practising Gratitude and being thankful to the universe for everything I have.

Always be grateful ❤

6 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

  1. Pure Love 💓

    The thought that went into the making, the emotions that reflected the simple yet poignant words are pure gold and so beautiful from the inside out ✨

    Reading this post made me smile!

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  2. I have also worked in such a place where I saw people circling office for a pension of a mere 500, 750, or 1000 rupees because they have no one to care for them and this money is all that they have to run their lives. I have seen people especially elders struggling to get free ration provided by the government because they are alone and deserted by their kids and there is no source of income to feed themselves. It’s a harsh reality of India.

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    1. Yesss the harsh reality..Though This is the first time I am encountering such people with such problems… I thought everyone in the world has basic luxuries of life..


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