I have been going to the place of trauma for almost around 4-5 years now. And I seriously don’t know what normal life feels like.

Every other day, I am getting emotional meltdown which doesn’t make any sense as it’s happening so frequently.

It has taken away my late 20s but nothing can be done now.

The only thing it gave me is Anxiety, Depression, Speech Issues, dead self esteem and deep shock.

Past can’t be undone.

And I have no energy left to think about the future. As it gives me all the more anxiety.

Someone said it right ~

One can’t heal trauma at the same place where they got it.

Okay. Bye!

Just needed to vent it out.

18 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. The cloudy weather

    As the trees get older,
    the branches get bolder,
    we empty life’s folder,
    when the time is colder.

    As the needles get strong,
    the branches get long,
    we remember a song,
    when we hear the gong.

    From angelic voices,
    we make our choices,
    light falls into a cave,
    we get out to be brave.

    The place where we heal,
    can’t be one made of steal,
    can’t be one made of glass,
    nor concrete, wooden brass.

    Where the birds are singing,
    and the ants are clinging,
    a mantis looking in your eyes,
    while nearby the Romans role the dice.

    Water will help you see and calm,
    oily fruits on some old palm,
    the smell of grass and balm,
    while touching a flowers halm.

    What is there else to do?
    If all there is are green and blue?
    Only a coconut, an island and you?
    And one foot, held in a broken shoe.

    The soft sand beneath your feet,
    cold water and the sunny heat,
    while a few nearby animals bleat,
    Wouldn’t want to hurt, for meat.

    Lost on the island you wait and dream,
    not long ago escaping the silent scream,
    against the river, the bloody stream,
    you just laid down without the ream.


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