Storytelling is an Art

Storytelling is an art.

Anybody can become a speaker but not every person can become a storyteller.

One should have the power to grab the adequate attention of the audience.

Also, you need to make them trust your words. Therefore, choose your words very wisely.

If you are getting more involved in explaining the minute details then you will lose your audience’s attention the very next second. They might get bored easily.

And if you are not explaining the subject nicely then they might not find it interesting enough.

Therefore, it is all about finding the perfect balance between how much to give and how much to leave it on their imagination.

You must leave some part of the detailing to your audience’s imagination, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to relate to your story.

Storytelling is an art. It’s not about how intelligent you are. It’s all about how wildly your imagination works.

12 thoughts on “Storytelling is an Art

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