You VS Organization


Never work for the organization you hate for any possible reason.

It will become a vicious cycle of negativity. As you will be transmitting negative vibes in your office unconsciously coz of the hatred towards the organisation, and in return, the same energies will be transmitted to you.

And this can keep on repeating for ‘n’ number of years.

It will only damage you and your soul.

No one else will get affected. No one will bother.

It’s only you vs your organization.

And if you don’t trust the organization you work in, if you don’t feel safe at your workplace then nothing can help you.

There is only one solution to get out of this vicious circle and that is :

Leave that place.

No, you are not quitting. You are not becoming a quitter.

You are only being kind to yourself by doing this.

Nobody else knows what’s happening inside your mind.

No one will understand your pain.

Better move out of that toxic shit.

Be kind to yourself first!

12 thoughts on “You VS Organization

  1. I totally agree with this. Toxic workplaces also attract toxic people. There is also the addiction to drama, so being able to complain about something is a form of exercise. Like stretching, or yoga.

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  2. Yep! It destroys you.
    I really had to learn to trust myself again after all the negativity.
    And well… I still so often fall back down because I got pushed down so often.
    The organization part just gave me the final blow and robbed my last hope for myself.
    I am really not sure whether I will be able to fully trust myself or others again. Sometimes it just works and everything feels alright, only to completely lose everything again because of all what happened. It is always good to find / see people like you.
    Thank you for these powerful words and reminding me of what we want and need. πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›

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    1. I can relate to each and every word of yours. I have been facing all this chaos since 2015 .. Trust me Its not at all heathy for the mental health. Plus it changes you as a person .. Makes you more pessimistic and hopeless… Thats why its always better to just leave the place or Just Make yourself prepared to fight it even at the cost of losing your mental peace.

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      1. Yes, I know, it is just that I kinda did that since my early childhood, but back then I had no possibility to escape and even when I had one, it was taken away, until I didn’t want it anymore. So basically I am facing this chaos for around 20 years, while I often forcefully forgot about it all in order to survive somehow.
        Sometimes I feel like a war veteran having these war flashbacks and in a way I am one, although my war was psychological and against society and all that. The problem is, that I was never really able to make allies and when I thought I had some, I either felt as if I would harm them or they turned out to harm me. And I just can’t do this all on my own, or in other words, I can of course do anything on my own, but for what? My reason where others, to make things good or better and help to stop or prevent things which happened to me or people I know. But most of the time I feel as if I have to “allies” or people who actually want me to be me. Or even worse, that they want me to be, but to stay on my own with it. I know a lot of people who I had good experiences with, friends or strangers, but it feels as if it is pointless to do anything because no one really cares about what I have to give. For example I show and explain people how to hack, how to program, how to build some devices do this do that, but then all I get is: “This is interesting, but I don’t think it is for me.” And then it seems as if this goes for most people, while the rest already has figured it out for themselves. Then it seems as if my whole existence is pointless again, while I can’t feel good about it because people expect things of me I either can’t do or don’t want to do. Like earning money in an old way. (I just had to write this down, don’t take it personal in case you think or thought I try to explain or tell you something.) Last year my energy was exhausted and I turned into actively harming myself again, to a point which I never did it in the past, at least not like that. So I had no other choice than to start slowly fighting back with what I am able to do right now. From outside I might seem healthy, strong and ready to beat the day and on some days I am, but usually I am just happy when I can write something down or enjoy something without much thought or pain involved. And my mind is already beyond any healthy boundaries, since I had to deal with mutliple psychological problems all on my own.
        It works, but only when I sometimes get a positive response, like from you and know that someone understands me. Or at least some part of me. And my blog shows, that I had and still have (sometimes) a lot of things which weren’t good, healed or handled in a healthy way. I didn’t really plan to share these things in most cases nor do I feel comfortable with sharing them (knowing that some of it is actually crazy nonsense). But it had to get out and also maybe show others what could be and was. At least thanks to people like you, I know that I am not completely alone, but I still feel as if that doesn’t change anything. I mean I feel bad for speaking about things which are either true or at least were told to me this way or what I had inside. While I know that it is necessary to make change. But each time I try to do it actively, in conversations, I then either feel as if it was wrong to do that or that something else is not okay. So I feel bad and maybe step back again, avoiding that. The blog at least gave me the ability to share things (be they wrong, right or just random), without this pressure. And still I often thought about getting rid of everything I ever did, just two days ago agian. It is “normal” for me to think about: “Oh hey I order something to make my life a little easier” only to think about: “I want to destroy everything.” only to switch to: “Great, this thing will arrive tomorrow.” and I know this is not healthy, but in a way nothing around me ever was. And it feels as if it will always stay this way, no matter where I go, what I do or who I talk to etc.
        Usually it was this way, only this year (out of total ignorance towards my own life, since it wasn’t really “my life” so far at all) I was able to stand up a last time. And I know that when I fall down completely, that I will never stand up. Because I “stood up” (or against) so many times, that I am just beyond tired. It just sometimes makes no sense to stand up again, because I would only fall, so I could just stay down, since it seems as if I would only do this – stand up, fall down – the whole time. While people around me think that I am fighting with myself or whatever, while I actually fight against the hopelessness and madness around me, which people often don’t realize anymore or just accepted in a way. It makes me sometimes believe, that it must be me and that I must actually be the problem, which is not the case. But when there is only a lot which supports this, while it should be the opposite, I can only get into actually fighting myself again, which then would proof the others right (in a way). And then it really makes no sense to live anymore for me, because it then feels as if I am only making everyones life worse, at least when I would be myself. While would I actually be my natural self, I would probably only make everyones life better and help, which would also make me happy. But it doesn’t work, when my opinions, knowledge, ideas and way of doings things and feelings get ignored, denied or manipulated, until I do it myself. For example, I expect you to possibly ignore me, should I write to much, since that happened to me most of the time. Then I could stop writing to you at some point, until I could totally avoid you, since I would think, that you don’t want me to write anything. And no shit, people actually told me things like: “Get to the point.” or “Can’t you keep it short and simple?” Just when I wrote ten sentences instead of one. Only to get others to tell me, that I should explain something more precisely, but when I did, it was too much again. How should someone react to such experiences other than trying to completely avoid them at some point or resignate and just do something, as long as the harm and related pain is acceptable? So again, it is really good that you are here and other people like you or maybe me. Otherwise I would really believe that everything I am is a failure, although I know better. (And you don’t have to answer, but can of course, if you want. πŸ™‚ ) πŸ’œπŸ’›

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        1. I love this fact that you have the courage to show your most vulnerable side in front of these many people… It’s not at all easy.

          Trust me!
          People are dying to go to any extent to hide their flaws and show themselves as a perfect person.

          Plus I, myself have found few very close people in my life telling me that you shouldn’t express much in front of people, why to show your weaknesses, they might use it against you. To which I feel that showing your true emotions can never act as your weakness, rather it should be your strength.

          We, human beings are different from robots because of our emotional and spiritual side. And, If we keep suppressing our emotions and stop ourselves from expressing it then what would be the difference between a human and a robot. plus the constant suppressing of emotions for a longer duration is not at all healthy for your mental health. It will create a volcano of thoughts and emotions thereby damaging that beautiful mind of yours.

          In the end, I just want to make one request to you that please keep on expressing whatever you feel like and wherever you get a chance to. Those who don’t want to get involved have the option to avoid it. But for some, it will be a great medium to connect and relate with your experiences.

          Stay safe and blessed man! Make those emotions your power and you will rule the masses. ❀😌

          Keep writing. Keep sharing πŸ’›

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          1. Thanks a lot! ❀ πŸ’›
            Will keep writing and sharing. πŸ™‚

            And about the part with “why to show your weaknesses, they might use it against you”, I have already experienced that a lot. And sadly did it myself, since they didn’t want to know the truth. :-/ Whenever I tried to open up, I felt as if they would throw me into jail or a psychiatry or something. It is especially painful when it comes from people who are close relatives or were friends or something. Sometimes I even ignored my own health (physical and always mental health) for these people only to get called crazy, mean, ignorant and such things. The worst part is, that they usually seemed to forget about all these incidences, as if they never happened. It messed with my mind many times and made me sometimes accuse people of things they actually didn’t do that time. Being in my mind is really nothing I would recommend, at least when I wasn’t able to find the logic part. Which is very difficult from time to time and then I feel like HAL9000 or something like that. (Funny side note, I actually remembered that my first long-term online friend had a HAL 9000 profile picture and maybe was even named something like it.)

            Thanks again for all your encouraging and kind words. You be safe and blessed as well and I hope you are in a relatively safe place for you.

            I might have dry eyes most of the time, a burning and bleeding heart and broken mind-parts, but it never killed my will to help. So these words of yours and some others are really supporting me! I even activated my “rebellious” side this year. Haven’t seen that since childhood. And in this form maybe never. I sometimes don’t recognize myself, but in a good way. (To be honest I often just write something or do something and then hope no one mentions it. πŸ˜… But only because I am often not sure what I wrote or whether it actually made sense.)

            Okay, but now I stop writing. .D
            Hope you have a great week wherever you are. ❀


    1. This is sooo true but have you heard of gaslighting… People break you then laugh at you as if it was all your fault all the time and they did nothing.

      And that is the exact time when you have to put all your pieces together and show them that you can’t be broken.

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    1. Exactlyyyyy ..

      And When you compromise with your thinking and principles, you start losing yourself which is the worst thing that could happen to anyone -Losing themselves.


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