The Social Dilemma

I just finished watching this show “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It is a documentary about how social media propagates certain agendas of its own interest and influences the psyche of an individual unknowingly.

It shows the level of craziness we humans have reached with the obsession of being dependent on the internet and assuming every little information available there to be true.

How we are losing the basic intelligence of figuring out “What is Right” and “What is wrong” about the information provided to us. And, We might even use google to check its authenticity on the internet as we have lost trust in ourselves and suddenly the internet has become the “Holy Book” for everyone.

No doubt, it has certain positive aspects to it as well but do you really think you are using it in a positive manner or you are still falling in the trap by getting addicted to those video recommendations on Youtube or Instagram reels suggested to you by the AI for the satisfaction of your so-called entertainment/timepass at the severe loss of your mental, physical and psychological health.

Just take some time out of your busy schedule and watch this documentary. I am absolutely sure that it will trigger the right spots of your brain and will make you rethink about your dependency on social media to some extent.


24 thoughts on “The Social Dilemma

    1. You should really be proud of yourself Ma’am. It’s really not easy to not follow what everyone else is following around you. People actually suffer from FOMO. but the best kinds of people are those who know how to create their own separate path far from the crowd of sheep.

      Thank you for sharing your experience 😊

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      1. Thank you for your kind comment my new friend. You are right about AI. Couples are already having trouble with sex dolls that are made specifically to a man’s taste. They respond to questions that would please men. They look very real. They make them in the US too. You have a blessed day my friend. It is good to be aware. Good for you. Love ❀️ Joni

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        1. Yes, I saw it a few months ago. It was there in the news. Plus it looked quite real… At least something can satisfy men now…

          But yea it will definitely affect relationships really bad. And that’s the reason relationships doesn’t last longer nowadays.

          Thank you Joni.. Have a blessed day β€πŸ’ž

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  1. Interestingly enough, topics like this have already been shown in sci-fi series, like one episode of Stargate called “Revisions”. The found civilization was completely dependent on a computer system and everything was connected with it, while the people in it had no clue anymore how it worked. They just assumed it worked, while every one in a while people disappeared and no one noticed it. And then information got changed, erased and after the change, no one new this person anymore. The reason for it was, that they only survived in a limited shielded space, while the rest of the planet was toxic. Stargate in general presented many possible future scenarios and also tried to understand our past. It used other planets and civilizations for it, while the Stargate team of course usually found a way to help and solve everything. But the scenarios were all there, just not enough people who paid attention to it. The series also wasn’t too popular around the world, as far as I know. It started in the mid 90s and ended for the most part around 10 years ago. Especially interesting is the series Stargate SG1 because there are actually two sub series called Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. I liked them all, but I had no one to speak about it and except for my mother also no one I know well, really watched it or heard of it.

    Everyone knows Star Wars (while I don’t really know much about it), but almost no one seems to know Stargate. And those who know it also not always really paid attention to its value and the hidden messages.

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    1. Well, I need to watch it for sure then. coz topics like these interests me a lot. And there is no doubt in it that AI is actually controlling the whole world or maybe the whole of the universe. And people are still not realising the level of danger it can cause or the harm it already is causing.

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      1. Yes, I still find people laughing about AI and how silly it is (according to them), while we already have AI which is out of control in some areas. And even if not, then really can do much more than most humans these days. Thank you for reading and interest. And I should add, that Stargate could seem like military propaganda. But I hope you will understand what I mean, in case you should really watch it. ❀

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