Death Vs Patience

Death is inevitable.

Every step you take is moving you a bit more closer to death.

Still people ask to have patience. As if patience is the solution to all your life problems.

They feel like patience is some magic wand which will make all your dreams come true.

But what if death wins the race between patience and death.

What will PATIENCE serve then?

Is it just a Useless Hope?

Or a companion to survive with until death arrives?


41 thoughts on “Death Vs Patience

  1. If you think of them as people, patience and death are complete strangers who aren’t bothered about each other.
    Patience is not a solution, but a companion who keeps you sane, even in the most difficult situations.

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  2. I had some kind of dream while being awake, around an hour or two ago.
    I thought about death as well. But for me it seemed as if death wanted me to live.
    Death (as a person) kneeled down in front of me and wanted to die.
    Couldn’t carry the weight of all the lives he had taken.
    So I helped him up and embraced him with all my heart, then he cried and I cried as well.
    In the vision and also in reality.
    The more we cried the brighter became death, the darkness faded and all came to live again.
    All who were thought to be lost, all which once died lives again.
    And death cried even more together with me.
    Even now I am crying again.
    And when all what death took was alive again, death was as bright as the light and as colorful as the light. And he started to laugh, to dance, to sing and me with him.
    He told me, that I was in the golden land, all alone, but that I could have been happy, could have been safe. That I instead of climbing the mountain, did already slide down on the other side. That I was where everyone wanted to be.
    And so they threw stones, rocks, rockets and bombs. They tried whatever they could to make the golden land burn. But it didn’t burn, whatever they did, it never reached the land, all vanished.
    But death said, that I couldn’t watch how the people felt, wanted to share with them what I got.
    But they were too far away on the other side of the mountain, tried to climb, but always failed. They excepted death on the other side. They didn’t see the land, didn’t see me, how I saw what they tried to throw at me. Thinking to hit something else.
    So according to death I decided to go to them, to show them and tell when.
    And death saw me walking out of the golden land. He tried to stop me, said that I was already safe, why should I leave it all behind for those who are dead?
    The whole way across the mountain, to the side where all the people were, death tried to convince me to go back, that on this side all hope was lost and he himself knew there was nothing for to go there. I still walked down on the other side and the nearer I got, the closer I was to death, the stronger the pain, the harder the step. And death tried to drag me back, to the land where I came from. But it was already to late, because without me the land wasn’t golden anymore. And the farther I walked away, the more faded the memory. Until even death lost hope and surrender and I forgot why I walked down the mountain. But death didn’t forget. And so when one day some months ago, I asked death to take me away, death couldn’t do it. Didn’t want it, for he remembered his only hope. For he remembered what I had done, what I wanted to do. So he made me remember, slowly, bits and pieces, more and more over time.
    He wanted to be free as well, to not take all these lives for no reason at all.
    He wanted to live, but no one had life and so he took them all and never got what he wanted.
    But when he saw me, he knew it was not over. Then he knew, that he wasn’t meant to be. But I even showed him that he could be free. That no one should die. And so death surrendered and I helped him up. For he holds all those who he had taken, so that he releases them. And so he did with tears. And then the slaves of roman times, the slaves of all times came back to live. And all those who held them as slaves. And the slaves now where those on the throne, but not to make those slaves who once were their masters. No, they showed them what they had seen, they showed them what they had felt. And then they showed them how it could be, how it should be. And most of them were breaking down in tears. Some of them ran away, some of them thought it was a trick. Didn’t they learn how life was meant to be? Didn’t they live a good life, a full life? But before they think to much about it, even they saw what the others saw. Those who wanted to stay dead, they vanished again, at least they would have. But as far as I saw, they all wanted to live. And so they were welcomed in the golden land, the golden land I had forgotten, the golden land I left behind, which disappeared. Together we built it up again. For everyone to stay. And even death would have been welcome, would he have been a person. Instead he was waving from the past, with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. When he first smiled at me, I thought it was a grin, I thought he was laughing about how easy I was to get, but now I knew that he tried to smile for me, to make me not fear him. Now I know he tried to smile like me, he didn’t want to scare me. And now he had a real smile because he was finally free. And although, he didn’t want to be in the golden land, for he caused so much fear and pain, sometimes we invited him, because now he wasn’t hurting us anymore. And because I wanted to thank him, that he had been company to me all the time, that he made me remember and tried to help me. All was good in the golden land, we visited stars, watched them and listened to their waves. We created new things so it was never boring. Time was a myth of old, like death only a visitor of old times.

    And I cried while listening to the monolog in my head, to the movie like vision, the dream. While I listened to music and cried, lying down next to my computer. Even now I cired a lot again. And at first I thought I couldn’t remember the words and I didn’t remember them all. But it was meant for me. Me to myself or the universe through my own voice.

    It was so pure, full of love, I couldn’t resist and just had to cry.
    Thank you. ❀ 😭😌

    (I will also put this on my blog, but I felt as I should put it here first. Thank you for your questions, for your words. Or as old sayings once told me: “May the force be with you”, but I would replace “force” with ❀️)

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  3. Thank you for the follow, Manisha. Patience has value when we are prioritizing what is important to us. For me, it is my family. Sometimes I want to do things that are exciting to me, but I forebear because it is not in the interest of my family. This kind of patience is necessary in my opinion. Thanks for letting me rant, friend.🀠πŸ”₯

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  4. Try it for once and you will see
    how fear of death gets step away
    with you walking towards patience
    patience to die after finishing all your work
    to embrace death after completing the poem…

    (A poetic reply to a deep and dark poem written very well)

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  5. What if life was more like a carnival? That we live here for only a moment as we are playing, interacting, sometimes you bump into people, sometimes you meet old friends and maybe make new ones, you go on some rides with friends and some rides you want to experience alone. You go on some scary rides and some relaxing soothing rides, and when the carnival is about to come to an end you are patiently waiting for your ride back home. Yet while you are here, enjoy the carnival.

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