Emotional intelligence

Well what to say about this!

Every now and then I get to see such lame actions or reactions from people that it becomes tough to explain what is going on with this dude or dudette.

I, being an observer, has seen people reacting in a completely inappropriate manner to very normal situations. On the top of that, it really amaze me how they stand their grounds on such over reactions.

For example, there is a post I uploaded on Insta about “How a female feels constant fear while walking down the lane” which obviously isn’t directed to every man out there. But its quite generic to say that women fear strange men.

But then there came this dude laughing on the status. So I asked him the reason behind such reaction. And guess what he replied.

He said he found it funny. I again asked him why. And there was this same reaction that this is funny.

No reasoning. No explanation. He just found the suffering of women funny.

It’s just crazy to see dudes reacting in such a shallow manner to a girl’s suffering. Like how can they be so insensitive. God forbid, If such thing happens to someone in their family, will they still react in the same manner?

So I replied to him. “I wish God gave you some emotional intelligence”.

And guess what he replied!!

His reply was “I wish God gave you the intelligence to accept other’s perspective”.

Now What I really want to know is.. Where is his perspective?? As He just gave it a laughing reaction!!!

So what was his perspective???


20 thoughts on “Emotional intelligence

  1. I think you will always find people who will not agree with your thoughts even if 99% others agree to it. So, its up to you if you would like to think about those 1% or carry on with your life knowing 99% people concur with your thoughts!


    1. Its not about their agreeing with me every time…. .
      Its all about not having a healthy conversation. .
      And I had to write this post to show how in everyday life one gets to meet such people who lacks emotional intelligence but still want to react and say something silly..
      Ps: this guy claims he is very sensitive.

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        1. I like it when people disagree as there is so much to learn from it…
          But then they should know how to convey or what to convey.. Thats all i am saying..

          And thanks to u too for taking time out and reading it. Have a nice day 👍

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  2. His perspective was probably: “Everything is a joke for me, as long as my I have fun.”
    Then he would at least be honest with his reactions.
    I for my part got so lost in other perspectives, that I sometimes forgot, what my own was.

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  3. Oh. my. god!
    Trust me, Manisha, you are not alone in this in any respect.
    The angst and frustration is inevitable and absolutely justified.
    Society is full of such idiotic elements, but it is our responsibility towards ourselves to tell them straight up that they are wrong.
    It’s just the most disgusting and abominable thing.
    Also to answer your concluding question-
    His perspective is empowered by the anonymity he seems to enjoy on social media, his perspective although, petty, is his true perspective.
    Had this been a face to face discussion he would never have had the guts to laugh off this sensitive an issue in public.
    Such people just make me go…..

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    1. Very well explained Ana…

      Nowadays, people have developed this new habit of disagreeing with everything just to overpower their thoughts on you.

      It’s super crazy. And doesn’t lead to any constructive discussion.


  4. I guess as he didn’t give a reason, that he was just trolling. Good that you asked him, to try to see his point of view though. Unfortunately some people just like to get under others’ skin for no other reason than for their entertainment.

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