Ho’oponopono Meditation

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing great and being safe!

I, once, mentioned someone about the importance of the “Ho’oponopono Meditation” technique. We were having a conversation about the different methods of meditation techniques available in different cultures.

Different people prefer different techniques of Meditation.

For some, the sound of “OM” is more than sufficient to meditate upon while some prefer to chant Mantras like “Om Namah Shivaya”, “Om Namo Narayana”, and others respectively. Some prefer to do Chakra meditation while some like to meditate on one’s breathe.

Ho’oponopono Meditation” technique is an ancient Hawaiian technique of forgiveness. It is also known as the Art of Forgiveness.

You just have to follow these Four simple Steps to get into it:

  • Repentance: Here you say I AM SORRY! This is for being sorry for everything you might have done wrong intentionally or unintentionally against humanity or the Universe.
  • Ask Forgiveness: Just say PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Here you are seeking forgiveness from the universe for your wrong thoughts, actions or deeds.
  • Gratitude: Say THANK YOU! You are being thankful to the universe and showing gratitude for the things universe has provided to you in abundance. Always Be grateful!
  • Love: Say I LOVE YOU! Show and embrace the love you have for the Universe. You need to feel the higher vibrations of love and purity in your thoughts.

Just follow these four steps mentioned above with all your heart and purity in mind and thoughts. And it will show you the wonders it can do in the form of healing your heart, mind, and soul.

Just 10-15 minutes into this before going to bed helps in cleansing your negative aura and bring peace and calmness to your mind and soul.

Try it and share your experience if you feel any improvement in your Aura.

Thank you!

Video Credits : Jason Stephenson


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