A Letter from a Soul

Hate me

Curse me

Bully me

~ It’s fine!!!

But when I die,

Kindly don’t come near my dead body with teary eyes!!!

If you couldn’t let me “Live in peace”

Atleast let me “Die in peace”

Yours truly

A Soul

Trauma is real.

Try to be more kind!!!

Be kind


21 thoughts on “A Letter from a Soul

  1. It’s so common for people to totally be indifferent or even sadist to the person while he is alive. ANd then suddenly he dies and is raised to a pedestal, worshipped and mourned. I find this whole exercise very repulsive and shallow. As if it’s mere to absolve themselves of all the insensitivity they have shown.

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    1. You have expressed it so well. Yup this kind of behaviour is actually insane and shallow but then a demon gotta behave like an angel inorder to justify his deeds.
      It is the Harsh truth of life. .
      .thanks for liking ❀


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