Life is a Roller Coaster ride

When you feel contentment
Life will bring you disappointment

To capture your zeal
And ensuring you are unable to heal

Once you give up, the story doesn’t end here
Life will trick you and bring you good-luck there

Sitting and wondering while sipping coffee
When you will be thanking God for this good luck

Life will mock you
It will again shock you

With the feeling of despair
Unable to think or care

You will again be shattered
With all the hopes scattered

Don’t fall into this trap of life
It’s going to be a roller-coaster ride

Life does not come with an expiration date
So you just enjoy each and every moment of it mate!!!

Roller coaster ride in yellow color


46 thoughts on “Life is a Roller Coaster ride

    1. Yeaaa… Now I understand the meaning of slowing down to enjoy life… Took me a while to really realise its importance.
      I always used to be in hurry earlier…
      Well, Liife teaches everything at its own pace. πŸ‘

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