Why do people Cheat?

Cheating is not normal. It has never been normal. This generation has made dating multiple partners too normal that they are left with no realization of the effect it leaves on the person who has been cheated on. It breaks the institution of the relationship. It leads to major trust issues in every other relationship.

But the question which arises here is :

Why do people cheat? What is the Psyche behind cheating?

  • Narcissist

A cheater is not a normal human being. He is a narcissist who is too self involved that he doesn’t care about the rest of the world. A relationship is merely a thing for him to satisfy his physical or mental needs. A narcissist is somebody who is never going to accept that he cheated. As he will have his own reasons behind such sick behavior. They just care about themselves and their needs. If things are going according to them then its like walking on a cake, otherwise – boom they will go to the next person who can accept their thoughts and beliefs. They just want to be accepted whether they are correct or not. The moment you try to show them the mirror, Oh boy! you become their enemy.

  • Materialistic approach

He is a materialistic soul who is always craving for something better in life. This person sees everything in a materialistic manner. They may cheat just because they have found somebody from a wealthier background and now this person has become their ultimate priority. Or they have found someone prettier/handsome and now there is no going back from here. A cheater is always searching for better and better.. And this search never really stops. This person never realize what they are leaving behind.. they just run behind a shiny toy just like a toddler.

  • Out of Love

Many a time, it happens that one person in a relationship falls out of love while the other person is still completely involved in the relationship. The one who falls out of love starts looking for prospects in the outer world. And from here starts his journey of cheating on his partner who is still hanging in the same love zone where they used to be earlier.

  • Lack of Spark

The spark in a relationship dies. Initially, both the partners are in the process of getting to know each other. There is a lot of spark and excitement to meet, to talk , to see each other. All such feelings dies with the passage of time and they are left with no spark in the relationship which ultimately leads to either of them finding that spark somewhere else.

  • Physical Pleasure

Well nowadays with much exposure to the internet and the openness in conversations, everyone knows what they want. Sometimes a person may cheat only for the physical pleasure, emotionally they may rely on their existing partner and that’s when the issue starts.. they start taking their partner for granted and may not feel their importance in their life anymore.

Cheating is never a solution. Either leave your partner or confess to them.


28 thoughts on “Why do people Cheat?

        1. Yea in FOMO this generation tends to do things which are socially unacceptable . I agree πŸ‘
          But is the willpower of a person this weak that they cheat due to lame reasons like these.


              1. The pleasure is all mine..I do not advocate cheating on that special blessing so you and I have a role to brand loyalty in gold🌝

                Liked by 1 person

  1. Just amend your first sentence from Cheating is not normal to Cheating is new Normal…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    There are so many reasons behind that, may be that of hunger may be that of Revenge, may be that of deformed desires, any of that could be!!!🀨🀨

    Liked by 1 person

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