After sooo long, Today, I am here on the blog to write something. While lying on the bed with cellphone in my hand I am pressing the keys. With thoughts in mind on what to write.

Yes you are right. I don’t really know what I am going to write about. I know that you are also wondering what this post is going to be about. Though my mind still has not figured out the topic of writing. Therefore let’s just go with the flow.

My last post was written on 1st July. My goodness! It’s been 11 days now since I have written anything. This is the first time when I have taken such a long break from writing.

Though I have my own reasons behind taking such a long break but this isn’t good. I might forget the art of writing or I may lose the art of expressing.

But who cares! As writing is not about impressing others but it’s all about expressing yourself.

Now when my hands have written enough lines, my mind is still questioning whether I have got the topic or not. Well not yet! I guess. But yes I am very sure I am going somewhere. So let’s continue our journey.

What is writing?

This is what My mind is asking me. What am I writing here?

Well I guess I am writing whatever I am feeling and thinking. But who is the driver here? Who is driving my mind? Why are my hands not stopping from writing anything and everything?

Oh god! Please stop me.

I don’t think this is going anywhere.

What will people say!

What will they think!

They might find me a noob.

But then as I said earlier.

Who cares?

Writing isn’t about impressing.

It’s all about expressing yourself and connecting with others!!!

I think I am going to stop pressing these keys now as I am done for tonight.

It was a great start after that break as It has given me my art back.

Thankyou mind for not thinking much and helping the hands in completing the process of writing.

Mind, I must tell you that you have done an excellent job by not overthinking and cooperating with hands otherwise your dominance is quite popular to every part of mine.

A girl lying on bed with cellphone in her hands trying to write something


15 thoughts on “Topic-less

  1. The writers block is a common phenomenon. I guess you already know about it. This topic, though there seems to be nothing much in it is, somehow exposes a lot of our inner processes. Thanks for helping us read deeper!

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