Yes, we have all heard this term.

Every person sometime in their lives suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It has become very common in the current times as a person has to be competitive to survive in this fast changing world.

Then there is Social Anxiety. Many people suffer from social anxiety but they don’t realise it. They don’t realise that it’s the social anxiety which is making them uncomfortable in that meeting in the conference room or at a function or any other kind of social gatherings where they are feeling uneasy and want to leave from there as soon as possible.

The feeling that everyone is judging you or they are talking about you. The feeling of being isolated in large groups. The feeling of nervousness when crossing a pathway surrounded by crowds.

In such cases, you need to dig deeper and understand the cause behind such feeling and find a cure for it soon, else this hesitation will always block your opportunities in life, whether its a new relationship or an interview call, you will always feel stuck at one place.

Visit here to know – How you can overcome Social Anxiety in few simple steps! Also read the experiences people have had and how it changed their lives!

Stop feeling shy or embarassing at public gatherings from today onwards!!

You know you deserve better in life!

Be proud of yourself!

I am so proud of you
Yes I am! ❤️

Next post : It’s going to be about “List of Top 10 items for Keto diet”



  1. I think this is excellent advice but even after spending years dealing with prolonged situational and severe stressors, I don’t know if we can ever get rid of our anxiety all together. I do think we can learn to function and do very well in jobs with great pressure and in large crowds and no one would know we were stressed. For me I still have anxiety I deal with every day but it is very manageable now. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Have a blessed and safe weekend. Love 💕 Joni

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    1. Yes you are right!
      Treating anxiety feels impossible but then there are always some measures one can adopt to cope up with it.
      Living with anxiety is a constant battle.
      I agree!
      But daily affirmations and starting your day at a positive note can actually help in having a great day and overcoming such anxiousness.🤍
      Daily affirmations has helped me a lot but yes not everyday is a great day I must say.
      Anxiety is like that uninvited guest we have to deal with everytime with a lot of patience. ❤️
      Have a blessed life!
      Lots of love 🤍❤️

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  2. I totally agree with you. I have my faith and I love the beauty of the earth and am married to my best friend. All of those things along with learning to love my inner child a long time ago makes my life extremely blessed. I am glad you have been able to find piece as well in yours. Bless you for helping others. I spent many young years in therapy and read all the books that had been written at the time. Now there is so much valuable help on line and therapy groups all of which I believe is helpful. Have a wonderful evening. Love 💕 and hugs Joni

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    1. M glad you have someone you love in your life… someone to share the journey of life with.
      And thankyou for being so appreciative .
      It means a lot.
      Love, hugs and blessings 🤍💗

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