Just finished watching “UPLOAD” on Amazon Prime.

What will you do if you are asked to choose between a normal death or an UPLOAD???

Upload to a simulation of afterlife. Where you will be getting every kind of services available there but someone who is alive in real will be paying for you.

And the payment will decide the level of services you will be getting starting from 2gigs to moree….

You will be assigned an Angel as a customer service representative who will assist you in fulfilling all your queries and wishes.

There is this guy Nathan whose girlfriend, Ingrid insists to get him on upload when he meets with an accident and is about to loose his life in a hospital.

She doesn’t want to lose him forever hence she insists him to get on Upload.

Nathan is assigned the angel named Nora. She is a cute girl in pixie haircut. They become good friends gradually.

Nathan’s girlfriend Ingrid is a rich brat. She is a clingy girlfriend who won’t leave Nathan alone any second. She is a control freak. Aww

Even when it’s Nathan’s funeral, she is the one who decides everything related to the funeral arrangements. Even Nathan’s funeral clothes are finalised by her.

Nathan is missing out some memories from his real life. He doesn’t know what has happened to those memories. Why he is unable to remember them.

Nora doubts that he didn’t meet with an accident by chance. He must have been murdered. They are trying to figure out the reason by trying to find the lost memories somewhere in the system.

Nathan was building an app where anyone can save their afterlife memories and transfer them to their families to see for free.

Some think this might be the reason he got killed as his buisness idea would have made people at high position out of business or profit.

In the afterlife, every upload has to go through an update. Nathan is helped by Nora to go through the update while being awake thinking that it might help him get his lost bits of memory back.

As he wakes up after the completion of the update process, Nora calls him on VR. She is worried that Nathan might have lost all his memories he has lived, before this update, with her in the afterlife.

She asks Nathan if he remembers her but he denies. She gets really heartbroken as they had shared a beautiful kiss just a second before the update. Update of the afterlife venue: Lakeview Horizen.

Nathan then tells his friend in the afterlife named Luke that he remembers everything. He just acted to forget everything earlier for their own betterment.

Nathan gets shifted to 2 gigs as he broke up with his girlfriend Ingrid who was paying for the services earlier in Horizen and his own family is unable to afford such high amount.

In the 2 gigs, Nathan calls Nora. She disconnects the call as she is upset. Nathan calls again and assures her that he remembers everything. He even remember the lost bits of memories now after getting the update.

Nora and Nathan are talking on a VR call. Suddenly someone broke into Nora’s house. He goes to the kitchen and pick a knife. He wants to harm Nora.

Nora gets a notification that her front door is open. She disconnects the Video Call with Nathan and checks her house.

Nathan calls her again and he sees that someone is after her life. Nora jumps out of the window and starts running on the streets in order to escape from this killer.

Nathan is still on video call with her from 2 gigs afterlife. He assists her using coding and tells her to escape in the nearby building in a lift.

The killer is still following her. He couldn’t enter the same lift as Nora. So he takes the other lift.

Here Nathan, using code, questions him about the motive behind his murder. He doesn’t reply anything and acts in a creepy manner.

He looks like a psychotic killer.

Nathan kills him using coding in the lift.

Now Nora is safe. She is safe to return home.

Nora calls Nathan again. And tells him she loves him and she can’t leave him alone in such danger.

Nathan runs out of 2 gigabyte and he is unable to respond to her confession. He feels terrible . He is frozen now as he is out of anymore gigs.

Then Ingrid pays a visit to him in 2 gigs. She enters free 1 gig into him. And he gets alive again and says, ‘ I have to call her(Nora)’ .

Then and there he realises he has been visited by Ingrid

————————- The End —————————

Well now I am eagerly waiting for season 2. I was so hooked on to season 1 that I finished it in one night. It’s fun to see the possibilities of being immortal even if it’s in Virtual Reality and still being able to be in contact with your friends and family.

Though the idea in reality scared me. If I was given a chance to choose between the two, I would definitely go with natural death. The idea of being confined in a system scares me.

Though we all are actually living in one system or simulation as some of you might be aware of it.

What will you choose between the two??

A Natural Death or An Afterlife in a Virtual Reality????

Reply your choices in the comment section below with your reasons behind such choice!

Next post : It’s going to be about “Karmic Numbers” in Numerology.


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