Sushant Singh Rajput – RIP

1986 – 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. He hanged himself to death.

What do you think of mental health now?

He was too young. His age was just 34.

He was famous. He was a bollywood actor who entered the film industry with his debut movie Kai Po Che in 2013.

He gained huge success and popularity for his role in MS Dhoni’s biopic : M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story in 2016.

He was wealthy. His films did great.

He had name, fame and money as people say these are the standards one should fulfill in their life in order to be happy

Still he committed suicide

Now what do you have to say

You still think name, fame, money is more important than mental health.

Do you realise that mental health is not a joke

Not everybody is seeking attention when they talk about depression

You tell them to open up to you

Talk to you about their feelings

And when they contact you, talk to you about mental health issues

You cut them off

You say they are seeking attention

They don’t understand depression

And then such news come

News of their suicide

Mental health is not a joke

Be kind guys!

Mental health is getting badly affected nowadays because of the programming we have been receiving since childhood to become successful and rich inorder to be happy

To stay alone and build a career

To hide pain behind that fake smile

To not talk about mental health as people might call you crazy

No. This is not done. This is not the solution.

You have to practice empathy

Listen to what they are saying

Listen patiently

Nobody is running out of time here.

The thing people call “being busy”. This is just a programming. They think they have to be busy to become successful or to gain attention.

Be there for each other. Don’t be so busy that you regret not attending that last call from the person who just committed suicide.

Call your friend you have been thinking to call but aren’t because it has been too long now since the last time you contacted them.

Tell someone if you love them as you never know which day is their last day on this planet

Spend time with your family.

Be there for each other

And most importantly, if you can’t be a source of happiness to someone, try not to be a source of sadness in their life.

As life itself is too harsh!


24 thoughts on “Sushant Singh Rajput – RIP

  1. It’s the most shocking news of our times. This depressing news have not only affected his family members,close friends and fans ,but every Indian soul deep down , that any one can go through this dreadful disease irrespective of financial status and popularity. After all we all r humans ,apart from food , clothes and shelter which fulfills our basic physical and affection is what we need to survive mentally .Fame , luxury are just added conveniences for a comfortable life. RIP to this beautiful soul 🙏 wish someone understood his feelings and grief.

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    1. Yes.. it’s still there everywhere in the news.. Nobody is able to believe it… Depression is real . People just deny it or don’t accept it. He was a good soul,. He was too young .. gone too soon… 💔

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  2. मैंने भी कोशिश की है ‘सुशांत सिंह राजपूत’ के लिए कुछ लिखने की शायद आप उन भावनाओं को और गहराई से समझ पाए। वक़्त निकाल के पढियेगा जरूर।🙏🙏

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