What is a Psychic Empath?

PSYCHICS are those people who have highly activated their sixth sense and claim to use their extra sensory perception for detecting and knowing things hidden from the normal senses.

There can be different kinds of Psychic:

A psychic who can see future

A psychic who can practice lucid dreaming

A psychic who can take you in your past and help with issues resolving around the past.

A psychic can be someone who can talk to invisible entities.

A psychic can read your mind.

A psychic can see and examine auras of a person.

A psychic can see things others can’t see.

A psychic can listen things others can’t listen.



EMPATHS are people who are highly sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate and observant beings.

An Empath is someone who feels the needs and emotions of people around them strongly.

An Empath acts as a sponge to the feelings and emotions of others. Therefore it becomes exhausting for them to socialize on a regular basis.

Empaths are the ones who are able to feel other’s energy and the energy of their surroundings as if it’s their own.

Empaths are always feeling something and this is the reason they have high anxiety issues and intolerance of large groups of people or gatherings.

Empaths usually end up being with narcissists as it’s always a give and take relationship between them. A narcissist never knows when to stop taking and an Empath never realises when to stop giving.



PSYCHIC EMPATHS goes one level deeper. They are the natural healers of the world.

I like to call them as Lightworkers. They are the ones who have both: the power to feel and the power to heal

Psychic + Empath ➡️ Feel + Heal

Psychic empaths are the beings who are able to use their psychic/ special powers/senses to heal the pain of others.

Psychic empaths, specifically, are able to see your unhealed parts without you being vocal about them.

Psychic empaths have mastered the art of Reading People.

Psychic empaths are Highly Sensitive to the energies of their surroundings. This is the reason they tend to avoid large social gathering or meetings as it always leave some impact on them which 99% of the time is negative as the world itself is nowadays.

Psychic empaths are higher vibrational beings. This is why they cannot tolerate people who bear low vibrational energies.

Psychic empaths prefer to be alone

Psychic empaths are the ones who easily forgive their enemies because they understand their reasons behind doing such bad deeds and they cannot help but empathise with them as well.

Psychic empaths can never hurt anyone. They bear the pain, anger, jealously or any other negative emotion of others as if it’s their own which consumes them

Psychic empaths need to learn some energy shielding techniques otherwise they may end up feeling completely drained and exhausted after absorbing the energies of others.

Checkout this book to know the secrets of Psychic Empaths and to develop & unclock your Psychic Abilities ➡️

Psychic Empath: Secrets of Psychics and Empaths and a Guide to Developing Abilities Such as Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Aura Reading, Healing Mediumship, and Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

Being a Psychic empath is a curse as well as a blessing.

It is a curse because they can easily detect if there is anything wrong going to happen in the near future which makes them go through those bad experiences twice: first in intuition and then in reality.

It is a blessing as it helps them to connect with people very easily and deeply even if the words are unspoken and the feelings are unexpressed.

Although many people believe in psychic abilities, the scientists do not believe in the existence of such powers and they consider it as pseudoscience.

To believe in it or not ~ Choice is completely yours



19 thoughts on “What is a Psychic Empath?

  1. I think empath for me. I had a couple of the others but on Psychic/Empath I can be ugly if I am attacked too many times. I feel bad later but at the time I am at a peak of overwhelming distress at being attacked and accused of being too sensitive and it is not real, just all in my head.

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        1. It’s simple. Imagine you have your own white bubble where you live. It’s full of emotions, feelings and positivity.

          Now tell me why would you make that pure white bubble “black” with any of your negative thinking or action?

          That’s not you. You are pure white. Why let others change you or your bubble!!!

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