The more you grow into spirituality
The more your life gets tougher
As your calling is higher.

Do not give up
It’s only going to make you stronger.

Don’t be afraid
Angels and blessings will always surround you.

Always believe firmly in the existence of God or Supreme Energy, howsoever you like to call it.
For he is the only one who will love you beyond this life.

No love is pure than his love
Every relationship will end here on earth
Except the one with God/Supreme Energy.

Some people get spiritual awakening by accident. They do not perform any particular activity to attain it.

For them it’s too much of suffering which they can’t bear anymore and that unbearable pain leads to their awakening.

Once you have attained the spiritual awakening, life becomes different. The meaning and the purpose of life becomes different to you.

You could easily see changes in the way you approach life after awakening. You get to see the bigger picture. It completely transforms you.

Mind it! Do not let yourself get into the trap of Spiritual Elitism. For those who are awakened souls would never have pride in themselves.

Awakened souls are the ones who have seen a lot in their lives and have grown drastically from it.

Awakening is not only the process of learning about God or opening your third eye. But it’s also about the learning of self and realisation of the existence of God within self.

Once you have explored your maximum potential through meditation or otherwise , you will get to know how everything you are looking for in the outside world is Within You!

The only temple that matters can be found within yourself

By The Dalai Lama

No matter how many times he takes dip in holy waters but he won’t be able to repent his sins if he doesn’t want to follow the righteous path in life.

No matter how many times a person goes to a temple, church, mosque, gurudwara but he won’t be able to attain moksha if he doesn’t know how to purify himself from within.

Spirituality is different from Religion. Spirituality never teaches people to hate each other based on religion.


53 thoughts on “Spirituality

    1. Well thank-you.. 🀍🀍 .
      When I started writing this post I didn’t think it would become this long.
      It was meant to be a short one: about four to five lines but when you get into the essence of the topic, it starts becoming all the more interesting! 😊

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  1. It felt as if I am reading my own story, but only a part of it. There is more to my story..
    Everything you mentioned is true, one thing I would like to mention is, the wisdom of spirituality is like a karmic circle. You come back everytime to your first conclusion whenever you have a spiritual evolution.

    And then you go on in circle till you come out of the circle, like the karmic circle.

    For me, Spirituality was a circle, every time when I came back to my first conclusion, it was with a deeper understanding of it and new wisdom. The cycle repeated for a couple of time, then I just came out of it.

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      1. I understand what infinty is. I know where I stand in the infinty.
        But that’s a complete different thing.
        Like Ramanujan, who is known as man who knew infinity, I also consy myself the same.

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        1. You said the cycle repeated itself . That’s what infinity is all about if you see the symbol..ending at the same point from where it started.. .

          Try reading more about it.. you will love it… It was fascinating when i did my share of research on it.

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  2. Love this and I love the last sentence! I have enjoyed my spiritual growth the past year. Im very calm and centered and excited to connect with God as much as I can. However, through this awakening Ive grown so frustrated with mankind. Once you wake up you see how awful humans can be. I wish yoga and meditation were a requirement for all. It would change how we all connect on earth.

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  3. The more you are aware the more you cannot ignore. Spirituality is a journey to connect your highest self to the divine spirit of masculine and feminine energy. When you open yourself to receive information from the divine spirit it does make your life a little harder because you are forced to face the truth in everything especially yourself.

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    1. One couldn’t put it into words better than you just did. This is soo damn true..

      Spirituality expands your energy circle and makes you feel anything and everything from everywhere.

      Thats the reason I always say – Strong is Sensitive, Sensitive is strong!!

      If you dont feel it, then you are not fighting it.

      If you are feeling it and fighting it then you are the strongest soul. ❀❀

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