Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self destruction.

Bobbe Sommer

Being too modest is a crime nowadays

Love yourself first. You will never regret self-love.

And Heal Yourself!


9 thoughts on “Modesty

  1. Absolutely. You become too confident and brag about your capabilities, you become arrogant , whereas if you become too humble and modest, people start treating you like a door mat. A perfect balance is what we should always strive to achieve. Capable yet humble, confident yet modest.

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    1. It’s just that, with close relations, nobody really uses their mind. One always follow their heart. So you end up giving more and they take you for granted before you realise it. That’s what hurts!

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      1. That’s a duality now isn’t it. We call them our friends and close relations, yet they being so they fail to understand when they are crossing the line, and when they should leave some space for the other person. For just because the other person is super nice to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have owned his/her service

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