How to Heal Yourself

Nobody can heal you except you

Only you have the power to heal yourself

Healing comes from within

It’s an inside process

No amount of money,

social status or luxuries

can bring you healing.

It’s a soul process!

It has to come from within

It’s beyond materialism


Don’t depend on others

Don’t seek their opinion

They can deviate you

They can rob you

They can mislead you

It’s better to take the responsibility

of healing yourself on your own.

What do you need to do to heal yourself?

  • Start with trusting yourself
  • Have faith in almighty
  • Believe in energies
  • Take responsibility for your behaviour
  • Dont trust everything your mind says, it can be deceptive
  • Move your body/exercise
  • Dont be a couch potato
  • Take breaks in regular intervals
  • Start writing journals
  • Listen to your favourite music playlist
  • Regularly listening to the same playlist helps
  • Maintain healthy boundaries
  • Learn to say NO
  • Always invest in some Me-Time
  • Try and meditate regularly~ It helps!

Goodluck and Have a wonderful day ahead!


29 thoughts on “How to Heal Yourself

  1. At 11 am on 20 June 2020 celebrate the Global Women and Girls’ Heart Dance Event around the world. This date has been earmarked as a date for women and girls around the world to get together and in unison (through dance, music, meditation, intention) send energy of unity, love and compassion throughout the world. We can all see and feel that the world could benefit from more love and compassion right now and this event is being organized to create shifts in the way we treat ourselves, each other and the Earth. “Where words fail, music speaks,” there are times where words will not be enough to appease, heal and convince, so in those moments, it’s best not to say a thing; switch on the radio, listen to your best tunes and dance like nobody’s watching. I wrote a blog article about this feel free to check it out – Come and join us!

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