Too much hatred

Why is everybody hating each other so much?

There is so much of shit already going on these days like cyclone, coronavirus, earthquakes, unemployment, suicides.

Then came this Locust Swarm.

And now the murder of black people~ George Flyod.

The heat of hatredness towards racism in many countries is exactly the same as the hatredness towards communalism in India.

Black Vs white

Hindu Vs Muslim

Poor Vs Rich

There is always a “Vs” amongst people

We are forgetting that every person is a child of God.

We all are just the same.

Why don’t people understand that.

And most importantly, stop watching news.

They are making you puppets.

They are feeding on your mind

They are showing you what they want in order to manipulate you.

A lot is going on in my mind right now. I am just penning it down here in order to relax a bit. Please don’t mind this, if this bothers you in any manner, you are free to unfollow me. But this hatred is consuming me!

Being an empath, it is not easy to see such negativity going on in the world. As empaths not only see, they actually feel, feel very deeply, everything, every bit of information.

My emotions are over flowing.

I might delete it later.

24 thoughts on “Too much hatred

  1. No please don’t delete it. What you’re writing is what is actually happening. Seems the pandemic, instead of making people United towards a common cause has rather stirred up to be more hostile towards one another. Yet, all of us, or atleast most of us stayed indoors during lockdown, and well, that’s some unity now isn’t it? And maybe that’s how, gradually through more such adversities we’ll realise that life and living has more to do than the colour of our skin and the name of our God. That nothing compares to a bit of humanity, and it’s only humanity that’ll lead us to overcome grave adversities. Ok, now did I also sound a bit too pessimistic??

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    1. Yes you said it right. It’s just not easy to put everything out there . But yes ! I eventually felt better. Couldn’t sleep the whole night. But today was a good day.
      I preferred to take a break from social media for my peace of mind. 🤍🤍👍

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    1. I don’t watch TV. But you get much information on social media . One can’t escape that.
      And news is , was and will always be biased. That’s one true point. 🤍👍


  2. As a wise man once said; There is enough in the world for our need but not our greed, so you must have the courage, and be the change you wish to see. The eye for an eye only ends up with a world that’s blind, so let us, in our gentle way, shake the world, awaken its conscience, and hope it listens…

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