Eyes ~ Windows to the Soul!

Eyes are the windows to the soul“,
as Shakespeare said!

But what made him think this way?

Did he fall in love with someone
And couldn’t stop staring at them

Or were it his own eyes
Where his secrets reside
Which he wished to hide

Maybe it was just an insight!

However eyes can never lie
This can not be denied
As when you smile
Your eyes too smile

Wow it has a term also called “Duchhene smile“!

Did you know that? Well, I didn’t!

But yea I am sure when you smile genuinely your eyes smile with you too.

Weird fact :

Couples heartbeat synchronize
When they gaze at each other’s eyes

Maybe that’s why it’s called “Love at first sight

Maybe the gaze makes them realise the love spoken through the eyes

🤍EYES ~ Eye Yearn Every Second for your Love!🤍


14 thoughts on “Eyes ~ Windows to the Soul!

  1. Are those your own eyes at the start of the post? They’re beautiful! (I would call the picture… “Mystique of the feminine feline.” 😌)

    Liked by 1 person

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