Always be Hopeful!

“Hope itself is like a star-

not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity,

and only to be discovered in the night of adversity”    



H – Have

O – Only

P – Positive

E – Expectations

Just a four letter word with a very deep meaning.

A person without hope is nothing. One need to have some hope in life no matter what he is going through currently.

It might sound unreal but having hope is the first step towards manifestation.

If one can’t have hope he can’t envision his dreams.

A person with no dreams can’t envision his future.

A person with no vision of future can never manifest.

If you do not know what to go after then how will you take the very first step towards that direction.

And if you are not taking the very first step, it means you are stuck at a place my dear.

Now you know what this four letter word can do for you.

It can bring wonders to your life. You just need to be hopeful about your future. And envision your dreams and manifest it into reality.

Ofcourse with a lot of dedication and hard work without which manifestation can never work.

If you won’t do it for yourself then who will????

Always be Hopeful!


36 thoughts on “Always be Hopeful!

        1. I can totally understand 😄 … I have kept it that way..
          People have called me here on WP as Imani, Manishas, Imanish. Etc..
          It’s fun to know the permutations & combinations it can have 😄😊

          Liked by 1 person

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