Journey (Unrequited Love) ~ A poem

Photo by Ott Maidre from Pexels

She was looking for her seat
In the Volvo bus
“There it is!”,
She told herself in rush

Beside her seat, was sitting this nerdy guy
Wearing specs, he looked really shy

But her belief was completely proven wrong
As he continued speaking to her for quite long

There he was talking enthusiastically about “Weed”
Which was, at that moment, the least she need

Then the bus took a break in between the journey
That place was near the lake resembling a scenery

ImageSource Pexels

She was standing there
feeling the calmness of the place
Offering his cigarettes pointing to the cigarette case
Suddenly that guy intruded her space

She asked him the reason
Behind these self destructive choices
He got really offended
And said, “Don’t bother my life choices”

Suddenly, She noticed,
there was a change in his gait
As he started walking towards the bus,
murmuring something about his fate.

She could see, he is somewhere deeply hurt,
Hiding his wounds behind this playboy image

‘Why do we judge others so easily!”,
She thought, in her mind,
She promised herself to initiate the talk,
When the bus started moving, this time

There he started revealing details about his love story
“It was an unrequited love”, he said
And she felt, for him, sorry!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels


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