Don’t raise an Obedient Child

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Bullying doesn’t only take place in society. But It occurs in families too. It’s just that you don’t realise it at that particular time.

Parental abuse is the worst.
Abuse isn’t only physical but it can be mental as well.

Not everyone is lucky to have a supportive family. For some, it’s the family members who lower a person’s self worth and confidence by constantly taunting and passing remarks..

The realisation occurs when you distance yourself from them. And that phase of realisation kills you internally and externally.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It brings back all the childhood traumas which you never took seriously before coz you were just a child following your parents orders or teachings..

You treat them as God considering they are the ones who brought you in this world. And you accept their bad behaviour obediently thinking it’s the right thing for you and whatever they are saying or doing is for your benefit.

But as you grow up and with the experiences you get throughout your life.  You realise that being obedient is the worst in today’s world.

Obedient person keeps on following the instructions he/she is given. He doesn’t know when to stop giving or when to stand for themselves.

Obedience is instilled in a person’s mind in his childhood.

And that child becomes a good scholar as well. But when that child becomes an adult and has to face the world then he doesn’t understand when to stop doing for others or listening to others or to take stand for themselves because he has never taken any decision about his own life since childhood so he ends up blaming.

Blaming the world. Blaming the time. Blaming the situations.

Obediency kills a child’s soul. It kills his dreams.

Scattered dreams

It creates an adult who is waiting for someone to give him orders.


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