God Friended Me: A little ray of hope

Just ended watching the last episode of this show “God Friended Me

It’s about an Atheist Guy who has doubts in faith and in existence of God, irrespective of his father being a bishop. It shows how his life takes unexpected turn when he gets friend request from God himself.

Through this God Account he gets various friend suggestions. And he would come in contact with these friend suggestions or they would cross his path by luck or coincidence every time on its own. It was as if he was destined to meet these people and help them what-so-ever.

This show started in September 2018 and ended today on 29 April 2020.

How watching this show affected me

I mean I have stayed alone for soo long that I started becoming pessimistic. Dealing with office politics on one hand and managing daily chores on the other. Life became really hard to survive.

Fighting alone for too long with the same issues repeatedly can actually make you weak physically, emotionally and mentally. And I survived 6 years dealing with this continuously. It almost took all my late 20s from my life.

When you are staying alone and dealing with everything on your own, it consumes a lot of your energy. Plus if you don’t find good people to be with, it becomes all the more difficult.

So when I started watching this show I never thought it would leave such a positive impact on me. It was just a random suggestion by one of my old school friend when we were talking over the phone.

This show actually refilled my faith in humanity. I know its just a show but what you see regularly can actually make an impact on your brain.

The way Miles(the main lead of the show) would help people without asking anything in return from them amazed me. He would get friend suggestions one after another from God Account and he never stopped helping those people no matter what.

It made him stronger and his team consisting of two friends helped him throughout in his journey.

What I learned from this

Helping people and being kind to one another is so much important that you cannot imagine the importance it holds. You cannot imagine the impact few positive words can make on an individual and how much can hatred and anger cripple a person’s soul.

I have survived all. Have survived hatred, jealousy, eve-teasing, gaslighting and what not. It crippled my soul. It damaged my faith in humanity. It made me pessimistic about life and people.

Those were such few extreme negativite years that I still don’t clearly remember their existence. I don’t remember what I was doing during those years as I was just passing each day the same way.

Getting up in the morning to go to office, dealing with shit there, coming back to empty house, bringing all the negative energies at home.

This kept on going repeatedly for 5-6 years. I remember I used to watch one movie every day. I would start it in the morning while getting ready for office to distract myself from negative thoughts and I would pause it and resume it after getting back from office.

I would order food online for dinner as I had no motivation left to cook anything. I used to eat nothing for lunch as I never moved from my seat in office. I was just working and returning home. That’s it. I also gained weight, a lot of weight because of my little to zero physical activity.

This show came as rescue in 2018. It helped me see a little ray of hope in my dark cloud of pessimism.

It taught me that happiness can be found in other ways. It made me a lot kinder and calmer. It helped in dealing with anxiety. It made me a selfless giver. It helped me gain perspective.

I can never be thankful enough to the team of this show “God Friended Me” and I highly recommend everybody to give it a try once .


Disclaimer : This is not a promotional post, nor do I endorse the show. This post is a personal interpretation based on my life events.




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