A depression survivor


Have you heard this word : MENTAL HEALTH

You must have heard it in one of Deepika Padukone’s interview where she breaks down emotionally while talking about the time she was dealing with depression and the amount of strength and effort it took to get back to normal.

Depression is not a word of fashion as many people are using it every now and then as if it is some trend they have to follow.

So what actually is depression???

In one’s life, each and every person goes through a phase where they feel like quitting, where they feel that they cannot take this shit anymore, where they start questioning their self-worth.

Do you understand the feeling where you don’t know what time it is and you are just lying on bed with almost zero senses working.

When every morning you are trying to fight the thoughts saying you are worthless and this life is not making any sense.

The feeling where you feel like nobody really cares for you and no one loves you . Not a single individual really understands what you are going through.

The feeling of hatred and disgust towards yourself. When you start to hate yourself without any reason. And you want to sleep throughout the day avoiding any kind of possible human interaction.

The feeling where you just cry day and night. You want to blame somebody for this but you can’t. You have nobody. And then you start getting hallucinations. You start seeing things which are haunting you day and night, year after year.

Sounds familiar? If yes, then you must have faced depression some time in your life. And if no, then you are really lucky that you never got to face such extreme negative emotion.

You won’t believe but it’s a scientific fact that depression and fear weakens a person’s immune system. A person becomes stress eater . Either they are not eating anything or they are over eating. There is no in between.

But why am I telling all this? What’s the point of writing about depression? Or what’s the use of describing all sort of feelings mentioned above?

The point is “Nobody actually wants to talk about mental health. It has become a taboo to visit a psychiatrist or taking any psychological therapy.”

But I want to own this and say – “Yes I am a depression survivor.” And yes it’s not easy to go through such fear, disgust, anguish, pain and hatred towards oneself but at the end of the day you have to overcome it.

Now you might be thinking What’s the use of this blog?

The only reason I felt like I should write about this is :

  • To get it out of my head and heart ofcourse.


  • To tell people that there is no shame in accepting your vulnerability.


  • To tell everyone out there to please maintain regular contact with your friends and family and ask them about their well being. Be in constant touch with them.


  • To be kind to each and every individual as you don’t really know what kind of battle they are struggling with in their lives which they don’t really talk about.


  • And most importantly if you meet anyone who is going through such bad times then please never ever make them feel inferior about it. Because at the end of the day –

Mental health is the ultimate wealth!!!


18 thoughts on “A depression survivor

          1. Am humbled- noone is getting out of this place alive anyway.
            It’s always good to make the now worthwhile as we strive for a worthy future.
            I pray that you meet love and good tidings always-and your ink too.

            Liked by 1 person

  1. So true. Keep spreading the awareness. It really needs a lot of sensible thinking & courage to come forward and declare that ur r a depression survivor. Your post has just assured me that I am on the right path to spread the awareness. Keep writing .

    Liked by 1 person

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